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New Music Network Takes Aim at MTV (December 26,2000)


"I want my Studio M!" Could that be the slogan of a new all-music channel that's seeking to rival MTV?

A group of TV and music industry executives will launch Studio M, a music-video network, on Jan. 1, Reuters reports. The new network, which has studios in Sherman Oaks, CA, and Newark, NJ, will have access to 25,000 titles and will seek to lure viewers away from VH1, MTV and M2, MTV's all-music station.

The goal of Studio M will be to become a 24-hour operation available in 90 percent of the U.S., but for now it will offer a four-hour programming block Monday through Saturday. Besides VJ-hosted shows focusing on country, Top 40, urban music, jazz and club tunes, the channel will feature talk shows, a request and dedication program and something called "Wrestle Rock" that combines wrestling and rock music.

- Kristen Remeza